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AMCO Clear® is an EPA approved primary standard for calibration of turbidity sensors that is safe, non-toxic and disposable. It is easy-to-use with no dilution or resuspension, and it is available in a wide range of values. It is NIST traceable to particle size/distribution and optical density, and its inherent stability means it does not settle from suspension. It has a guaranteed one year shelf life even if you've opened the bottle and happened not to have recapped it tightly. The convenient submicron polymer suspensions are non-toxic primary calibration standards approved by the US EPA for drinking water analysis for turbidity, and preferred by the U. S. Geological Survey for turbidity and sediment transport analysis.

AMCO Clear® is the unique, non-toxic low-level turbidity standard that can reliably read from 0.02 NTU to 10,000 NTU every time.

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  • Primary and sealed secondary standards for all turbidimeters
  • Online instruments available

AMCO Clear® can replace existing calibration standards with more precise, easier to use standards, or work with an organization to develop new standards for new machines.

If you are in the business of formulating products, there is no need to waste your time preparing and validating calibration standards. AMCO Clear® can handle the chore for you. We can make high quality standards for nearly any analyzing instrument that operates under the principle of light scatter.

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AMCO Clear®:

  • Safe, non-toxic and disposable
  • Requires no mixing or inverting
  • Easy-to-use / No dilutions or preparations
  • Stable - does not settle out of suspension
  • Accurate to 1% lot-to-lot
  • Guaranteed one-year shelf life
  • Available in a wide range of values
  • N.I.S.T Traceable
  • Custom standards available